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Smart Thermostat Installation

Smart Thermostat Installation

In the last few years we have seen a massive increase in the development and popularity of Smart WiFi heating controls, letting users take control of their homes heating and hot water wherever they are via their mobile device, tablet or laptops. In this post by HeatTech we will have a look at what makes this technology so appealing to householders. 

Why Choose A Smart Thermostat? 

Typically most people will control their heating and hot water via a thermostat, normally located in the hall and a timer that could be near the hot water tank or close to the boiler. A smart thermostat will replace both of these and combine them into one unit. Most smart units are table top mounted on a stand and connect to your homes WiFi network enabling you or other family members control the thermostat via your phone, tablet or laptop.  Smart thermostats allow you to monitor your homes energy usage and keep track of the amount of time your heating is operating as well as offering hints on how to conserve energy by tweaking your schedule. you never again need to leave the house and wonder "did I turn the heating off?" just a quick swipe of your device and you can check the app and adjust as necessary. Any member of your family can have access to the app so each member can adjust the schedule to suit their needs, there is however a child lock on some... just in case.

Which Smart Thermostats Do You Install?

At HeatTech we install all the most popular smart WiFi thermostats such as, Nest, Hive, Honeywell Lyric, Drayton Wiser and Tado. All smart thermostats use similar technology and work in similar ways, but each have their own unique features and you should do your research before choosing which system you choose. Factors to consider are cost, compatability with your current heating system and other connected devices such as Alexa and Google home. lastly you should consider the thought of adding devices in the future such as doorbells, cameras or smoke alarms. We are happy to advise you or answer any questions you have regarding your smart thermostat installation.

How Much Is A Smart Thermostat To Install?

The bulk of the cost to install a smart thermostat will be the unit its self, installation is fairly straight forward and can be completed by ourselves in between 1 and 2 hours. As a rough guide Nest installation costs around £300 while Hive installation and Tado installation and costs around £250. We do tend to find the quality of the Nest system and its ease of use reflect the higher cost and nest is the system we reccoemend to our customers and we approved Nest Pro installers.

Do Smart Thermostats Save Energy?

As we said at the start of this article, the exact savings will differ from house to house, but there are some good figures out there. According to data from Tado customers, the average energy saving in the UK is 19%. Average gas bill in UK homes cost £572, which could mean savings of around £110 a year. According to Nest , its UK customers saved between 8.4% and 16.5%. 

Call HeatTech To Discuss Your Smart Thermostat Installation

At HeatTech we carry out smart thermostat installations in Hamilton, Glasgow and Lanarkshire. we install thermostats from all the leading manufacturers such as Nest, Hive, Tado and more. we are approved Nest Pro installers and typically complete installations in under 2 hours. We'll give you a fixed price quote for your smart thermostat installation and provide a full demonstration on completion. We are happy to provide you with a quote to supply and install or just install if you have already purchased your device elsewhere. Simply fill in the form at the bottom of this page or visit the contact section of our website 

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